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Outsiders eliminated from the Major

Is this the last we've seen from this iteration of Outsiders?

It was a fight for survival when G2 and Outsiders clashed in the 1-2 bracket. Both teams were 1-1 after Day 1 but now faced elimination after losing against Heroic and ENCE on Day 2.

Outsiders' pick of Inferno was first up to bat, and after fifteen rounds it was as close as can be at 8-7 in favor of G2 on the defense.
The CT side was where the problems came for the CIS squad. With the save-heavy style they like to play, they were left doing exactly that as G2 were successful in a lot of their openings and reads. The convincing T side of "Aleksib" and co. brought them a 16-10 victory.

After the disappointing CT side on Inferno, the Outsiders defended better as they arrived on G2's pick of Vertigo. It was still not a huge success for the CIS squad as only "YEKINDAR" went above and beyond, and G2 led by 8-7 at the half.
The Outsiders, with their backs against the wall, suddenly found new life on the T side. The "Jame"-led squad had a lot of success around the ramp position and turned that into a huge stack of rounds despite a great showing from "m0NESY". The icing on the cake was a huge step-up from "buster", which led to a victory for the Outsiders.

An extremely back and forth first half is what we got on the third and final map of Dust2. The Outsiders on the T side came out on top at 8-7 after a seven-round streak of trading rounds.
G2 were done trading rounds, so after losing the two initial rounds of the second half, they went on a six-round streak, where the Outsiders in true Outsiders-fashion saved in five of them. Ths CIS squad did not find form on their T side, and after three maps G2 could hold their heads high.

G2 are now 2-2 and will play an all-or-nothing game tomorrow, while the Outsiders are sent packing.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

G2 - Outsiders 2-1 | PGL Major Antwerp Legends Stage

16-10 (Inferno) | NiKo - 1.68 Rating / 25-11 K-D / 91.9 ADR

10-16 (Vertigo) | buster - 1.59 Rating / 23-11 K-D / 104.5 ADR

16-11 (Dust2) | NiKo - 1.29 Rating / 24-17 K-D / 90.5 ADR

MVP: Nikola "NiKo" Kovač - 1.36 Rating / 67-45 K-D / 89.9 ADR

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