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What now FaZe? k0nfig rejected as stand-in by BLAST

FaZe’s request to use k0nfig as a stand-in at BLAST Premier Spring Groups has been turned down.

FaZe Clan’s request to use Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke as a stand-in for the BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2023 event has been denied by the tournament organizers, according to a report by Dexerto. This decision comes after their 28-year-old Norwegian rifler decided to skip the tournament in anticipation of the birth of his child.

BLAST denied the request to use k0nfig due to the fact that he was registered on another team’s roster for the event. FaZe has been allowed to register a different player who is not listed on another team’s roster as a substitute.

"The request for an emergency substitution has been accepted as they only have four players currently available in Denmark. An update on the substitute will be made as soon as we have it." - BLAST told

Twistzz also confirmed the news on Twitter, where he also mentioned that the change had been allowed by BLAST “for some time” but that “suddenly overnight everything changed.”

FaZe Clan are now pressured on time as they quickly have to find a replacement for the first match in Group B against Complexity on Friday at 12:00 (CET).

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