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NiKo offers solution to Valve: Drop this feature to make the game less CT-sided

Has professional CS:GO become too CT sided?

All seven maps in CS:GO’s competitive map pool has favoured the CT side ever since Valve unveiled ‘Operation Riptide' back in September 2021 – an update to the game which included a significant improvement of the silenced M4a1, but also made it possible to drop your grenades on the ground or to your teammates.

The fact that every competitive map is CT-sided and that we see such an uneven distribution of round wins between the offensive and defensive side has resulted in many discussions inside the CS:GO community about whether the CT side has become too strong.

Something, G2’s superstar rifler Nikola “NiKo” Kovac has offered his take on, with the Bosnian rifler pointing towards one specific solution.

- Even if Valve nerfed the M4a1-s, it wouldn’t change anything. The game will still be very CT-sided. I think it’s just because everyone has figured out how to play on CT, and that’s why the CT side is so strong. The only thing that maybe could help is with the economy because the M4a1-s is a bit cheaper than the M4a1. But honestly, it would be almost the same, NiKo said on a stream.

NiKo continues:

- What I think they should do is that they should drop the ‘dropable nades’. I don’t like that change, and I never did. I feel like if they make the M4a1-s and M4a1 the same price, most people would change to the M4a1. These $200 actually mean a lot, especially at the start of a half or with money reset.

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