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NiKo on IEM Dallas and BLAST Spring Finals: We want to make a statement

G2 is off to an excellent start with two wins on Day 1 at IEM Dallas.

G2 was one of the big disappointments at the Major Paris tournament earlier this month failing to qualify for the playoffs. In Dallas though, G2 has looked stellar with clean victories against Nouns and OG.

After the wins, Nikola "NiKo" Kovač spoke with the desk at IEM Dallas, where he talked about the mentality, that G2 has traveled to the two US tournaments with (IEM Dallas and BLAST Spring Finals, Washington).

- We obviously want to win it. In both tournament, we want to bounce back. It is super important for us, that we have deep runs. The Major is obviously the most important tournament of the season, but if fail at these tournaments as well that is going to look really bad. We want to make a statement on one of these tournaments or both if possible. We are confident in ourselves, but we also try not to put too much pressure on ourselves.

With the two wins on Day 1 of IEM Dallas, G2 has already locked in a spot in the playoffs at the tournament.

The G2 star also commented on the performance of his captain, Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen, who delivered an excellent performance on Day 1 with a 1.29 rating.

- He has been focusing more on himself and on us, and not so much on our opponents. So, we are doing more things that we actually practiced and we don’t really try to antistrat too much and outplay our opponents. Today he played well, and he got more and more confident to go for the frags. It is very important that he plays really well. Nowadays the ceiling is really high and we need everyone to step up, NiKo explained.

G2 plays Heroic tomorrow in the Group A final, where the winner will advance to the Semi-Finals of the tournament.

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