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Credit: Helena Kristiansson

NiKo and G2 secure the first map against Astralis!

A close first map of the BO3 between Astralis and G2

The French roster G2 was more than ready to fight when entering the server. The first map of the BO3 between Astralis and G2 took place on Dust2. And whilst, admittingly, it isn't one of Astralis' best maps, it seemed as if they found their footing a little too late. Instead, it was G2 to conquer Astralis and claim the first map of the series, with an impressive 16-11 victory over the legendary Danes.

To lead the charge was the G2 newcomer Nikola "NiKo" Kovač. He mustered up an impressive K/D of 38/16 cementing his rightful place alongside his new teammates at G2.

Watch the rest of the series here:

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