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NaVi add to their win streak after 2-0 victory against mousesports

Natus Vincere have now won 9 series in a row

It is no shock that Natus Vincere is one of the favorites of Group C at the ESL Pro League Season 14 event. After winning against fnatic 2-0 they started their campaign at the event strong and would seek to further strengthen their position when taking on mousesports today. The side of mousesports, on the other hand, had a rough start to the event after losing to FaZe and was sitting on zero points at the time of meeting NaVi. Unfortunately for the mousesports roster, the trend continued as Natus Vincere proved too difficult to handle. Closing it out in only two maps it was “s1mple” and the NaVi boys to add to their win streak and strengthen their position within the group.

The first map was the pick of mousesports. It was no secret that NaVi were the heavy favorites going into the Bo3-series and because of that the mousesports roster opted for something a bit rogue. The first map of the series was to be played on Ancient, the newest map in the official map pool. Whilst it was mousesports’ map pick it quickly became clear that they weren’t the strongest side on the map, at least not today. After posting a comfortable CT-sided performance it seemed nothing more but a formality that Natus Vincere would take the first map in Ancient. Exactly that happened when the CIS giants managed to close out Ancient at the scoreline of 16-9.

The second map of the series was NaVi’s map pick. Instead of playing to their opponent’s weaknesses, the NaVi side opted to choose one of their own strongest maps in Mirage. Mirage is a map that mousesports have been tried and tested on, however, with NaVi being warm after their confident victory on Ancient it seemed a difficult task for the European roster. And difficult task it proved to be. A confident NaVi steamrolled through mousesports and gave them almost no options to breathe on Mirage. With a scoreline of 11-4 at halftime, favoring the NaVi side, it was all a little too late for the Europeans to make an impact on Mirage. Ultimately NaVi closed out Mirage at the scoreline of 16-9 and secured another 2-0 victory at ESL Pro League Season 14.

Map 1 – Ancient

16-9  NaVi | electronic 1.39 Rating / 105.2 ADR / 24-17 K-D

Map 2 – Mirage

16-9 NaVi | s1mple 1.61 Rating / 98.8 ADR / 28-17 K-D

Highlight of the BO1-series


Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev | 1.38 Rating - 48-32 K/D - 86.7 ADR - 80.0% KAST

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