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NAVI in trouble

After the loss against forZe yesterday, NAVI has to win their next game to stay alive.

6 - That’s the point total NAVI holds after the first 4 games at IEM New York CIS. After starting out by winning against the two lower ranked teams in Cyber Legacy and K23, NAVI has been defeated both by Virtus.pro and forZe. That means that the world #5 and arguably the most successful team in the region is placed outside of the playoff spot at a 4th place.

NAVI has to win today’s game against Espada to stay in the tournament. A tournament which not only gives you the bragging rights as the current best team in the region, but also very important RMR points.

Given into NAVI’s shaky form and a well-playing Espada side, the match can be more difficult than expected. Especially Espada’s young and promising AWP’er degster who is playing insanely good at the moment, and sits with a dangerously good 1.25 rating over the last three months. The individual battle between him and s1mple will be very exciting to follow.

The match will be played at 14:00 (CEST), on the following channel: [object Object]

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