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Na'Vi pain train mows down EG

Evil Geniuses was sent to bed early after a 2-0 loss against s1mple and company.

In the last match of the day at ESL Pro League, the favorites of Group D, Na'Vi, took on the massive underdogs of Evil Geniuses. Na'Vi are playing with "headtr1ck" as a stand-in for IGL "boombl4", and they did have some problems against AGO yesterday, but the American Geniuses would have to elevate their game to a so-far unseen level to take down the world's #1.

EG chose to start the series on Overpass even though Astralis battered them on that same map yesterday.
As expected the CIS favorites took control of the match very early on, on the CT-side, and held onto that control throughout the entirety of the first half, resulting in a 13-2 scoreline. It was not without its complications though, as the EG squad managed to still get a lot of frags and keep the economy of the Na’Vi players decently low throughout.
The second half was extremely swift as the soaring Na’Vi squad picked up three rounds straight out of the break to take a soul-crushing 16-2 map win.

Just like on Overpass, Na’Vi took a commanding early on their own map pick of Dust2. This time around the Geniuses did have a bit more to say. Starting on the CT-side, they managed to take four rounds before halftime, doubling their round score of the previous map.
EG came out of the break looking completely revitalized. The American squad brought it back to a competitive game at 12-10 after they won a force-buy and managed to turn that into a massive winstreak. In the end, the CIS-squad was a bit too big of a mouthful for the EG boys to swallow, and they lost the map at 16-10 to an all-around better Na’Vi.

Na'Vi - EG 2-0 | ESL Pro League Season 15 (Group D)

16-2 (Overpass) | s1mple - 1.90 Rating / 22-9 K-D / 125.7 ADR

16-10 (Dust2) | s1mple - 1.73 Rating / 23-10 K-D / 98.5 ADR

MVP: Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev - 1.79 Rating / 45-19 K-D / 109.6 ADR

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