NAVI-Entropiq match will not be cancelled, owing to pressure from Valve rulebook

EPICENTER, the responsible TO, has received a lot of criticism for their actions lately - Now they reverse their latest decision.

Right before today’s 5th place decider match at EPIC League CIS between Natus Vincere and Entropiq, EPICENTER announced that the matchup was cancelled owing to a “mutual decision by the two teams”. However, it looks like the tournament organizer and the two squads have changed their mind.

Because a recent statement by the TO in charge of the RMR event has now confirmed that the match will be played after all. In the statement, EPICENTER explains that the match will be played tomorrow (May 31th) or Tuesday (July 1st).

An extract of the statement:

- … the Entropiq team expressed their readiness to take part in the match for the 5th place, and the NaVi team did not change their decision, notifying us that they were not ready to play the match for the 5th place. Team NaVi has been advised that Valve's decision in this situation may include removing the abandoning team from the tournament and cancelling the RMR points earned in that competition.

EPICENTER continues…

- We have requested instructions from Valve again. According to the information we received, in a situation where one of the teams refuses to play a match for the 5th place, their opponent is automatically appointed the winner, and the team that refused is removed from the tournament without receiving RMR points.

This information was passed on to the NaVi team along with the new opportunity to change their mind and agree to hold the match for 5th place on May 31 or June 1.

The NaVi team found an opportunity to hold the match for the 5th place within the specified time frame. The match between teams NaVi and Entropiq will take place on May 31 or June 1. We will announce the exact date and time as soon as possible.

Full statement:


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