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NAVI decimate NIP and secure playoffs at IEM Cologne

With this performance, NAVI looks like the #1 contender!

NIP looked sharp yesterday, but today it was not enough. Against the storied NAVI squad, the Ninjas did not stand a chance.

NIP chose to start the series on Overpass, but the Swedes would soon come to regret that. 's1mple' and 'sdy' was put behind the wheel of the NAVI bulldozer, and they made sure that the Ninjas got completely crushed. With almost no success on the map, NIP only had three round-wins to comfort themselves with as they headed to the second map.

'hampus' played an amazing first half on the second map of Nuke. On the Ct side, the Swedish IGL was a rock and finished with a 21-9 KD. But as he was the only real threat for the Ninjas, they were only able to secure seven rounds on the defense against the multi-headed dragon of NAVI.
The second half was nothing short of a slaughter from NAVI. 'sdy' and 'electroNic' were magnificent on the defense and shut down everything the Swedes through at them. With an 8-0 CT side, NAVI closed the series and secured their spot in the Lanxess Arena.

Highlight of the Bo3-series:

NIP - NAVI 0-2 | IEM Cologne

3-16 (Overpass) | s1mple - 1.96 Rating / 22-6 K-D / 116.3 ADR

7-16 (Nuke) | electroNic - 1.72 Rating / 24-13 K-D / 113.2 ADR

MVP: Viktor 'sdy' Orudzhev - 1.62 Rating / 44-22 K-D / 102.7 ADR

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