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NAVI breeze by FaZe to secure Grand final spot!

s1mple and company are through to the Grand final where G2 awaits them.

NAVI have advanced to the IEM Cologne 2021 Grand final following a confident victory over the underdogs from FaZe Clan, who now are eliminated from the tournament. NAVI will lock horns with NiKo and company from G2 in the Grand final tomorrow at 16:00 (CET). The winner of the bo5 Grand final will go home with $400.000 in prize earnings.

Inferno: 16-7 | s1mple – 2.01 Rating – 124.7 ADR – 32-11 K/D
Mirage: 16-7 | electronic – 1.71 Rating – 112.0 ADR – 24-14 K/D

The opening rounds of the first map on Inferno might have had the audience thinking that it would be a close affair, but it quickly turned into dominance from NAVI, who finished off the first half with an 10-5 lead. The Russian squad went to rip apart FaZe’s defense in the second half and closed the map 16-7, with s1mple dropping 32 kills.

s1mple and company carried over the momentum to Mirage, where they got off to a flying start, cruising to an 11-3 lead. FaZe managed to get seven rounds on the board before NAVI closed out the map with a similar score-line, 16-7. NAVI’s electronic led the charge with 24 frags and a stunning 112.0 ADR to help his team advance to the Grand final at the prominent event.

MVP: Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev – 1.78 Rating – 105.7 ADR – 52-22 K/D

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