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NaToSaphiX: "stavn is the best player on Heroic"

"NaToSaphiX" goes through how "stavn" has finally become the star we knew he could be

When looking at the scene of Danish Counter-strike at this current moment of time, it is perhaps not as dominant as it once was. There used to be a threat by the name of Astralis that made sure no one within the professional CS:GO scene would ever forget that there exist a country named Denmark. Whilst there are still plenty of outstanding Danish CS:GO rosters and players, one specific player is finally beginning to stand out. I am, of course, talking about 20-year-old Martin "stavn" Lund.

The Heroic rifler and secondary AWP'er has been one of the biggest prospects in the CS:GO scene for quite some time. Now it seems he might finally have reached a more consistent level, a level that makes him one of the biggest talents in the world. At least if you ask fellow Dane "NaToSaphiX":

"He is starting to hit another level. He was already in Heroic, obviously since 2019, but right now he is the best player on his team. To set the scene, we literally have 10 of the finest Danish talent, and yet there is one name that right now clearly shines through, and that's him."

"NaToSaphix" continues to speak about the high level of "stavn" whilst reviewing a game between Heroic and Astralis. To see an in-depth analysis on exactly why "stavn" is such a dangerous opponent to be facing in a game of Counter-Strike, as well as how he has improved his game over time and has now finally reached a level that he was expected to, you can watch the entire video posted by "NaToSaphiX" on his Youtube channel down below:

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