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Credit: Helena Kristiansson ESL

mousesports is the winner of Flashpoint 3 after a flawless campaign

frozen and ropz shine against NIP, as mouz finish off the event undefeated.

It may have taken some time, and it may have looked very questionable in the beginning. However, mousesports’ new project with Chris “dexter” Nong in the leads, looks to be the real deal. Because with the Aussie at the roar, mouz has just managed to take home a massive win at the Grand Final at Flashpoint 3.

A win, that gives them a stellar support in their journey to the upcoming PGL Major in Stockholm later this year, as they secure no more than 1600 RMR Points.

mousesports powerful duo in David “frozen” Cernansky and Robin “ropz” Kool were once again the highlight players for their team, with the fierce riflers taking no prisoners against the Swedes, and with the guidance of dexter, mouz grabbed an impressive 2-1 win.

mousesports – NIP (2-1) | Flashpoint 3

13-16 (Overpass) | ropz – 1.44 Rating / 27-16 K-D / 91.1 ADR

16-6 (Nuke) | frozen – 1.82 Rating / 24-11 K-D / 112.0 ADR

16-9 (Inferno) | ropz – 1.54 Rating / 25-14 K-D / 96.7 ADR

MVP of the series:

David “frozen” Cernansky – 1.39 Rating / 58-44 K-D / 94.6 ADR

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