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mousesports hand EG their third loss at EPL

ropz and company round out the night with a 2-0 victory over Evil Geniuses!

mousesports have secured their first victory in ESL Pro League Season 14 after taking down Evil Geniuses on Inferno (16-8) and Nuke (16-11). David “frozen” Cernanský played a massive role and dropped 50 frags across the series to help his team get their first win in the tournament. Evil Geniuses are now 0-3 at the event, but still have a small chance to qualify.

The series started off on EG’s pick of Inferno, where mousesports started on the right foot, grabbing an early 4-0 lead. As soon as EG’s economy started rolling, CeRq and company were able to battle it back and pull ahead of mouz at 6-5. Unfortunately for EG, they didn’t manage to stay in the lead as ropz and company picked the remaining rounds to finish the first half 8-7 in their favor. The second half ended up being a one-sided affair, with mousesports bringing the map home in dominant fashion as they only allowed EG to grab a single round before closing it out.

On Nuke, Evil Geniuses lost the pistol round but still managed to improve their CT-side very quickly to close the half 10-5 in their favor. The second half saw mousesports dominate EG out of the server. frozen and company strung together 8 consecutive rounds in a row, before EG grabbed their one and only in the second half. Right after, mousesports closed out the map 16-11 and wrapped up the series to get their first victory at the event. mousesports’ frozen was the man who stole the show and dropped 26 frags to help his team add three points to the table in Group C.

Inferno: 16-8 | oBo – 1.43 Rating – 100.8 ADR – 22-18 K/D
Nuke: 16-11 | frozen – 1.39 Rating – 95.0 ADR – 26-18 K/D

MVP: Owen "oBo" Schlatter - 1.40 Rating - 103.0 ADR - 78.4% KAST - 46-36 K/D

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