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Copenhagen Flames lead Group A after defeating G2!

The Danish underdogs win over G2 and are undefeated at IEM Fall.

The last match was between the two leaders of group A, G2 and Copenhagen Flames, where the winner would go into round four as undefeated. It was a close affair and went back-and-forth, but the favorites from G2 got off to a great start on the attacking took the early lead 6-1. Despite the strong start, Copenhagen Flames' defense began to find their right footing, but it was G2 who edge out a lead at halftime. In the second half, the Danes strung together seven rounds in a row, taking the lead and seemingly complete control of the game.

Copenhagen Flames initially seemed to have the upper hand on their offense, extending their lead 14-8 before a G2 defense put a temporary halt to their ambitions. The European squad managed to climb back and force the match in overtime, but the Danish underdogs made the unthinkable and continued their impressive run at IEM Fall, putting them on the top of Group A at 3-0.

Copenhagen Flames – G2| IEM Fall

19-16 (Nuke) |  huNter- – 1.48 Rating / 36-22 K-D / 99.5 ADR

IEM Fall 2021 EU overview:

Mousesports – AURA (16-10) |  acoR – 1.78 Rating / 28-15 K-D / 124.7 ADR

BIG – Funplus Phoenix (16-7) |  tabseN - 1.54 Rating / 22-11 K-D / 92.8 ADR

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