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MIBR crush Cloud9’s playoff dream, NAVI advance through

NAVI have secured playoffs at ESL Pro League Season 13 following MIBR’s victory over Cloud9.

It’s a Cinderella story for Natus Vincere! 

Due to MIBR’s 2-0 victory over es3tag and company from Cloud9, NAVI are qualified for the ESL Pro League Season 13 playoffs. Only the first spot in Group C is left to be decided between Gambit and FURIA. 

NAVI started off the game on TeamOne’s map pick of Train, where s1mple and company took them down 16-8 in a controlled manner. The Russian-Ukrainian side finished off the first half 13-2, only allowing the Brazilians to grab two rounds before switching sides. In the second half, TeamOne found their footing on CT-side and took the first four rounds. But as soon as NAVI’s economy started rolling, it didn’t take long before they closed out the map. 

The second map of the series on Nuke was quite different as the two teams followed each other throughout the whole game in a contested affair. NAVI’s flamie stepped up huge and led the charge for his team to close out the map 16-14, in hopes that MIBR or FURIA would win their game so they don’t get eliminated. 

Train: 16-8 | s1mple – 1.35 Rating – 78.8 ADR – 20-10 K/D
Nuke: 16-14 | flamie – 1.34 Rating – 75.1 ADR – 24-15 K/D 

MVP: Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev – 1.21 Rating – 79.6 ADR – 43-30 K/D 

The series of Cloud9 vs. MIBR started on the Brazilians map pick of Vertigo where boltz and company came out on top by closing the map 19-17 in overtime. Despite a good performance from Cloud9’s floppy who finished the map on top of the scoreboard with a rating of 1.36 and 34 frags, the North-American side wasn’t able to keep their focus as they fell short. 

MIBR wrapped up the series on Overpass after a hard-fought battle with boltz winning some key moments that helped the team to close out the map 16-14. The 23-year-old Brazilian finished the match as the highest-rated player with 0.82 KPR and was praised by NAVI and s1mple afterward on Twitter.  

Vertigo: 19-17 | floppy – 1.36 Rating – 89.7 ADR – 34-23 K/D 
Overpass: 16-14 | boltz – 1.32 Rating – 101.6 ADR – 28-20 K/D 

MVP: Ricardo ”boltz” Prass – 1.23 Rating – 91.4 ADR – 54-42 K/D 

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