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Massive upset! G2 taken down by Polish underdogs

huNter and the rest of G2 are off to an awful start at the European RMR tournament.

Group B at the European RMR event has only been underway for one hour and we have already witnessed the first upset – and what an upset it was!

In a thrilling overtime victory, Anonymo managed to defeat the heavy favourites from G2 in the opening round of play.

The Bo1 matchup ended up being a fierce battle where the two squads took turns having momentum.

Despite losing a match point at 15-14 in regulation, Anonymo were the much better team in overtime as they closed out the series 19-16. That means the Poles go up 1-0 in the Swiss Stage, while G2 can see themselves in the lower seeds.

Both G2 and Anonymo will be in action again this Thursday when the second round begins. You can follow today’s action from the European RMR event right here.

Anonymo – G2 1-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Europe RMR B

19-16 (Mirage) | innocent – 1.62 Rating / 36-21 K-D / 113.9 ADR

In the other match, which ran simultaneously, Bad News Eagles came out victorious in a likewise impressive victory.

Bad News Eagles 1-0 – Entropiq | PGL Major Antwerp Europe RMR B

19-17 (Dust2) | junaflatroo – 1.46 Rating / 32-21 K-D / 98.2 ADR

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