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Maden: The best entry fragger of 2022?

The 23-year-old Montenegrin can not stop entry fragging

Whilst it is often the last kills in a round that gets the attention and praise from the spectators and commentators, the first kills in a given round are often equally and sometimes even more important. The art of 'entry fragging' is not only a difficult one, but also an unforgiving one, seeing that the players tasked with this role in a roster very rarely receive the praise they deserve.

A player that has seemingly mastered the art of entry fragging in the year 2022 is Pavle "Maden" Bošković. The 23-year-old ENCE player from Montenegro is ruthless and incredibly potent when it comes to opening up a round for his teammates. Having accumulated the most opening kills so far in 2022, he is an integral part of the ENCE puzzle that as of late has been looking more and more dangerous.

With 326 confirmed opening kills in 2022, he tops the leaderboard for most opening kills in the amongst top 30 teams in 2022. What is even more impressive is that he doing most of this whilst wielding a rifle and not the AWP.

So how come this kid from Montenegro is so incredible at getting opening kills for his team? Well, take a look at some of the highlights he managed to produce when ENCE came fourth place in the recent PGL Major in Antwerp:

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