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karrigan: Us and NaVi have been a level above everyone else

The Danish mastermind "karrigan" talks about their recent victory, securing them a ticket to the Semi-finals

With the player break just around the corner, IEM Cologne 2022 is the last chance many teams will get to show their worth as a roster and how they can perform on the biggest of stages. With 10 teams already eliminated from the event, things are getting closer and closer to a conclusion in Cologne, Germany. FaZe took the first necessary step in becoming champions, today when they secured a spot in the Semi-finals after a victory against Astralis.

A big part of FaZe's success is obviously down the brains of IGL "karrigan". Known as one of the brightest minds in the history of Counter-Strike has managed to elevate FaZe to an entirely different level as of late. It is difficult to see any team rivaling the current FaZe roster other than perhaps NaVi. When asked about the current climate of the professional CS:GO scene, with only NaVi and FaZe left at the event from the current top 10 teams, the Danish mastermind had the following to say:

"Pretty surprised seeing that it is only us and NaVi in the playoff. It just showcases that i feel like us and NaVi have been a level above everyoine else in this season so far."

To hear more from the experienced mastermind that is "karrigan" you can watch our entire talk with him down below:

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