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karrigan: I'm not even close to thinking about quitting

Learn more about Karrigan in a Q&A with the star IGL.

In recent years, the 32-year-old Finn "karrigan" Andersen has shown impressive leading skills. The veteran took FaZe to their first-ever Major victory and helped the organization establish a successful team that dominated the CS:GO scene for six months straight during the early stages of 2022.

karrigan has been a part of the CS community for many years which causes fans to realize that the legendary IGL might be close to quitting. But is that really the case?

In the video, karrigan got asked about whether or not he has thought about quitting.

- I don't think I have ever thought about quitting, I think there have been two scenarios in my career where I have been close to quitting. First, when I joined TSM back in the day I also finished my studies and I thought it was time to hang up my mouse, but I famously got a call from Astralis. During covid for MOUZ, I thought it was really tough, I felt like everyone was outplaying and out calling me and I thought to myself that I wasn't good enough. Instead of stopping I just kept on believing, and as soon as we got back to LAN my hunger and motivation started to come back.

Watch the full Q&A with karrigan in the video below:

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