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karrigan: Our current FaZe roster is a perfect mix

In an interview with Pley, the in-game leader discusses the synergy and composition within his successful FaZe squad.

FaZe has had a phenomenal year so far with the international super team having won IEM Katowice and the newly-finished ESL Pro League Season 15. This week, they topped it off by dethroning NAVI on the world ranking.

We got the opportunity to speak with the FaZe IGL and captain Finn “karrigan” Andersen about their impressive form but most importantly; their star-studded roster and why it’s the “perfect mix”.

In this interview, karrigan discusses the synergy within FaZe, how he utilizes broky, ropz and Twistzz the best, and why rain is a key component for the team.  

- My main goal has always been to make everyone perform at their best level. And if that means I perform worse, then I don’t really care about that – as long as their performance can push us to winning trophies. That’s why I’m here for, karrigan said and continued to talk about his dynamic trio:

- I think the most important thing is to set them (broky, ropz, Twistzz) up to succeed. The thing is with Counter-Strike, I can do a perfect call but people doesn’t hit their shots – then it doesn’t really matter. I can also do a bad call but people hit their shots or win a clutch. For me it’s more important to make them feel comfortable and create space (…) I’m trying to put them in a system where they have freedom. So, if they want to go for stuff, they can do it.

You can watch the entire interview with karrigan down below. Here the Dane also touches on rain’s impact, broky’s potential and FaZe’s expectations going into the Major.

Our first part of the interview with karrigan focussed on FaZe's impressive IEM Katowice 2022 run, where they against all odds managed to go from the Play-In stage all the way to the top - despite playing with a stand-in.

Check it out right here.

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