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Jamppi to stay in Valorant

The 19-year-old talent confirms his stay in Valorant on stream

After ENCE's decision to make an overhaul on their CS:GO division and move to a new international roster the promising 19-year-old talent in Elias "Jamppi" Olkkonen was benched. It came as a surprise to many as he had proven himself as a confident and dependent player within the Finish roster.

"Jamppi" announced shortly after that he would be making his move to Valorant where he would have the opportunity to start from scratch once again. The decision left many CS:GO fans across the world in shock as he had just begun his journey within the professional Counter-Strike scene. Many people thought that this would only be a temporary move untill he was represented with a new chance at a new Counter-Strike team.

In his stream the other day, however, "Jamppi" confirmed that he is not going to be moving back to CS:GO anytime soon.

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