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Is Aleksib leaving G2?

Could the Finnish mastermind of G2 be on his way out?

Take a look at the roster of G2 and you will probably put them as one of, if not the strongest roster, player for player. The star-studded G2 roster, however, has ended the first half of the 2022 season with a disappointing result. After losses to Movistar Riders and NiP in the group stage of IEM Cologne 2022, the international super-squad that is G2 never managed to make it to the playoffs.

Whilst G2 are still performing at a high level, it is safe to assume that going into player-breaks with nothing more than a group stage performance at IEM Cologne 2022 has left a lot to be desired from the organization. This has, of course, left many wondering if the otherwise highly-praised IGL in "Aleksib" is part ways with G2 in an attempt to rebuild a new-look G2 roster.

Whilst it is always a scary prospect to part ways with an IGL, especially one as unique as "Aleksib", it seems as if this might become the case for G2. Just announced on his Twitter profile, "Aleksib" have revealed that he is now allowed to explore other options elsewhere.

Whilst it is still unsure if the Finnish mastermind will part ways with G2, it seems as if the possibility is more than likely. Stay tuned for more news regarding the future of "Aleksib" and the G2 roster.

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