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IEM Cologne Final: The most-watched non-major series ever

The IEM Cologne 2022 Grand final between NAVI and FaZe broke a record with a peak of nearly 1.25 million viewers.

It’s fair to say that yesterday’s grand final of IEM Cologne 2022 delivered in more than just one way. Two of the best teams in the world FaZe and NAVI gave CS:GO fans an experience they will never forget with a seven-hour-long five-map thriller. Karrigan’s troops from FaZe Clan were the ones who came out on top on the decider of Nuke after neither side was able to close things out in the first four maps.

The grand final broke records and became the most viewed non-Major series in CS:GO history with a peak of nearly 1.25 viewers, beating the previous record that belonged to the final of IEM Katowice earlier in the year, where 1.12 million viewers watched FaZe Clan vs. G2.

If we look at it overall, the grand final of IEM Cologne 2022 was the fifth most-watched CS:GO match ever. It nearly overcame the ELEAGUE Major 2017 and ELEAGUE Major 2017’s records but was just a couple of viewers short.

The CS:GO circuit will now undergo a summer break for the players to relax and slowly prepare for the next tournament, BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022, which will begin in 32 days on August 19.

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