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Credit: Stephanie Lindgren - ESL

Highlight: SunPayus turns Astralis into a shooting gallery

"SunPayus" was feeling himself and secured an ACE against Astralis

There is little as satisfying as watching an ace unfold in competitive Counter-Strike. Managing to take down every single opponent is no task to be laughed at, no matter the circumstances that led up to the ace. Whilst it is by no means easy getting an ace, some players are able to make such a challenging thing look as easy as nothing, one of these players is "SunPayus" from Movistar Riders.

When facing Astralis in the quarter-finals of BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2022, Movistar Riders found themselves in a favorable position after having forced the Danes to take an eco-round. Whilst little was expected from the Danish eco-round, "SunPayus" made sure to entertain us.

After getting the first pick down mid on Inferno, he positioned himself in the 'library' position on A-site. There he didn't need to wait long before his next opponent showed face. Peaking around the corner, three Astralis players were quickly picked apart by the AWP of "SunPayus" before the fourth player was decapitated by his secondary firearm.

Take a look at the smooth and satisfying ace from "SunPayus":

The Bo3-series between Astralis and Movistar Riders is currently underway, you can watch the Bo3-series LIVE right here down below:

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