Credit: Michael Konkol, BLAST

Highlight: Incredible 1v4 ACE clutch from broky

The Latvian assassin strikes again

Some players remain scarily consistent and whilst they very rarely have an extraordinary bad game, it is equally rare for them to drop a 30-bomb and completely dominate the entire server. Whilst that may be the case for some players, there are also players like "broky" who has an incredibly high skill ceiling and can outright win games singlehandedly when he is feeling himself.

When playing against Astralis on the third map of the Bo3-series at BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2022, that was exactly the kind of "broky" we got to witness and Astralis were forced to face.

Left alone, without the bomb in his hands against four CT-sided Danes, "broky" was tasked with the impossible challenge. Whereas most would probably opt for a save, "broky" quickly realizes his chances after taking down the first opponent with a no-scope. With nothing but swift shots, the Latvian AWP'er of FaZe takes matters into his own hands and secures a dire round for his team, take a look:

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