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Heroic takes down forZe

Heroic passes the first test in convincing fashion

In their first game of the tournament, the Danes of Heroic faced the Russians of forZe. The map choice fell upon Overpass, a map both teams have great statistics on.

forZe got off to a good start on the T-side, winning the pistol round, and converting the second. After that point, the favorites of Heroic took over completely. "cadiaN" won the AWP-duel versus "zorte" by a large margin, and "TeSeS" was allowed to do whatever he wanted, which made it very hard for the Russians to really threaten the Danes. At halftime Heroic led by 11-4.
The second half did look a little better for the Russians as they were able to make a dent in the Heroic armor, but the lead of the Danes was just a tad too large, and Heroic picked up the win at 16-9.

Heroic - forZe 1-0 | PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR A

16-9 (Overpass) | TeSeS - 1.69 Rating / 27-13 K-D / 102.8 ADR

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