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Heroic eliminate MIBR from Pinnacle Cup

cadiaN’s men are through to Group A’s decider match after taking down MIBR in the elimination series.

The Brazilians from MIBR got eliminated from the Pinnacle Cup Championship after a 0-2 loss against Heroic in the elimination series (Inferno: 11-16) - (Mirage: 3-16). Heroic, on the other hand, are now back on track as they are through to Group A’s decider match, where they will be taking upon the loser between fnatic and BIG on Thursday at 16:00 (CET).

The nail-biting showdown between Heroic and MIBR began on the Danes’ pick of Inferno, where MIBR went to half-time with a three-round lead. However, a good CT-side from cadiaN’s men was enough to secure them the first map of the series.

Next up was MIBR’s pick of Mirage, where Heroic carried on their good form from Inferno right over. Without any problems, the Danes cruised to a dominant 16-3 victory to stay alive in the tournament.

Heroic – MIBR 2-0 | Inferno: 16-11 – Mirage: 16-3 | Pinnacle Cup Championship 2022


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