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Groove: "The most important thing is discipline and desire"

Gambit head coach "Groove" gave insights into how the roster works

Gambit have improved immensely throughout the latest period of time. From being Gambit Youngsters to being the main team - a main team with the ability to take down the best of CS:GO rosters in the world. Gambit are currently ranked as the best team in the entire world, according to the official HLTV rankings. But how did they manage all this in such a short period of time? Well if you ask head coach "Groove" it is all to do with discipline, hard work, and desire to win.

"The most important thing is discipline and another thing is desire. We have young players on board and none of them were experienced. Gambit Esports was their first E-sport club in their life. But since the beginning we have had a main goal, the first goal was top 30 in the world rankings, the second goal was top 20 in the rankings, etc. Whoever we play we always focus on the discipline part of the game."

To hear more about Gambits recent success and the reasons why they have been so impressive you can watch the entire interview down below:

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