Hades, ENCE

Credit: Stephanie-Lindgren - ESL

Giant killers at it again! ENCE now 3-0 in ESL Pro League

FaZe, Vitality, and Outsiders (Virtus.pro) have all succumbed to ENCE in Germany.

ESL Pro League Group B has been a long tale of upsets so far at the event. After a lackluster IEM Katowice, there were little to no expectations towards the international roster from ENCE going into ESL Pro League Season 15. But all experts' and bookmakers' predictions have been proved wrong.

FaZe and Team Vitality was beaten on Day 1 and 2 of the tournament before the roster of Virtus.pro was waiting under their neutral name "Outsiders".

Despite Evgeny 'FL1T' Lebedev valiant effort on Mirage, Outsiders never really had anything going for them on the first map. It was especially the AWP of Olek 'hades' Miskiewicz who was the big issue for the CIS team. ENCE's sniper made 21 kills with the AWP alone on the map that ended 16-10 in favor of ENCE.

Dust2 was picked next by Outsiders. Here Mareks 'YEKINDAR' Gaļinskis and company had more success with their gameplan. A good T-side gave them a 9-6 lead at the break. Despite a 15-13 lead, Outsiders could not close off the map which gave ENCE the chance to win the map and match in overtime. Here Snappi and his men came through on their T-side to steal the map away. ENCE is now on three victories alongside FURIA in Group B. Tomorrow the two teams face each other in a direct confrontation where the winner will be guaranteed a spot in the Quarter-Finals of the tournament.

Outsiders – ENCE 0-2 | ESL Pro League Season 15 (Group B)

10-16 (Mirage) | FL1T – 1.64 Rating / 29-18 K-D / 121.3 ADR

17-19 (Dust2) | hades – 1.29 Rating / 25-15 K-D / 74.6 ADR

MVP: Olek 'hades' Miskiewicz - 1.42 Rating / 54-28 K-D / 83.5 ADR

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