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Gambit outclass Sprout in first matchup at IEM Summer

The Russian youngsters from Gambit took down Sprout in their first match at the prominent event.

Gambit are through to the upper semi-finals at IEM Summer following a dominant victory over the Germans from Sprout on Vertigo (16-6). The Russian youngsters are now ready to face off against Vitality today at 16:40 (CET) in an exciting matchup where a spot in the upper final is at stake, while Sprout will have to fight their way out of the lower bracket.

The world No. 1 team proved to be too hard of a task for Sprout, who got crushed as they couldn’t handle the Russian’s executes on Bomb-sites. Gambit’s interz topped the scoreboard with a 1.86 Rating and was on fire, delivering 24 frags to help his team to a good start at the tournament.

MVP: Timofey “inters” Yakushin – 1.86 Rating – 103.2 ADR – 24-8 K/D

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