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Gambit is ready for the semi-finals!

Gambit eliminates FURIA from PGL Major and takes their spot in the semi-finals.

Gambit has become the third team to claim victory in the Avicii Arena following their 2-0 win over FURIA. Gambit was the favorite going into the Bo3-series. With good performances on Inferno and Overpass, they secured a 2-0 victory and secured a spot in the Semi-finals of the PGL Major 2021.

The action started with FURIA’s map pick of Inferno, and the battle went back-and-forth, where both teams traded rounds. FURIA seemed comfortable on their map pick, giving Gambit a competitive first half on the offense. The Russians began to stabilize their defense and close gaps, as Gambit went to halftime with a 9-6 advantage. FURIA managed to grind the score the way back to 9-9 at the start of the second half and seemed like they may be in for a comeback on their map pick. Gambit decided to awaken again and climbed to the match point, but FURIA fought back to force overtime, where it was an intense battle that saw them at 17-17 before Gambit took control to close things out, 19-17.

The second map, Gambits' pick of Overpass, began as a tightly fought battle. FURIA started on the defensive side winning the pistol and converting. Gambit got their offense running, won the next five rounds as FURIA struggled to close the gaps on both sides. The Brazilians began to find their right footing late in the half, as they brought it to a 7-8 scoreline at halftime. It was a completely different story after switching sides as Hobbit and company came alive on the defense, shutting down the Brazilian T-side. Gambit had left two FURIA players with no money to purchase a weapon or utility, and then Hobbits' troops secured their spot in the semi-finals.

Gambit – FURIA 2-0 | PGL Major Stockholm 2021

19-17 (Inferno) | KSCERATO - 1.29 Rating / 31-19 / 81.8 ADR

16-10 (Overpass) | Hobbit – 1.36 Rating / 23-16 / 82.7 ADR

MVP: Dmitriy "sh1ro" Sokolov – 1.24 Rating / 48-30 / 69.2 ADR

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