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Gambit advances to playoff after hard fought win

The two Russian teams Gambit and Spirit gave each other a tough match on the server at DreamHack Open.

It started rough for Gambit, who despite their status as favorites beforehand had a hard time on Inferno against Spirit that ended in a commanding 16-6 victory.

On Overpass the match was as even as it gets. Both teams won their T-sides with 8-7. At OT Gambit showed their class winning 4-0 and taking the match to a third map.

Again Gambit was in trouble after trailing 6-9 after the first 15 rounds. In the second half Dmitry 'sh1ro' Sokolov turned up big time for the Russians and was the key to success for Gambit who won Train by 16-12 after an ace clutch from the talented Russian.

Gambit is the second team that is ready for the playoffs at DreamHack Open. BIG qualified earlier today as well. Both of them will face the number 2 from the opposite Group.

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