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G2 steamroll over Liquid with 16-6 victory

EU vs NA so far at the Major: 32-7 in rounds

Liquid became the second North American team to lose their opening matchup at the Major, as they followed in Complexity’s footsteps by losing heavily on Inferno. First, it was Complexity to be dominated 16-1 by Vitality and then right after it was Liquid’s turn to get run over by G2.

Once again, the Bo1 match was set to be played on Inferno. Here Aleksib and his men quickly began to take the control of the server by setting up a super-solid defense on the CT-side. Especially m0NESY, who played his first-ever Major matchup, stepped up to the plate for G2 ending the first half with a 19-3 K-D.

After the switch, it was the two Kovac cousins who took over the control leading G2 to the 16-6 win.

G2 - Liquid 1-0 | PGL Major Antwerp Challengers Stage

16-6 (Inferno) | NiKo – 1.54 Rating / 20-10 K-D / 97.9 ADR

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