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Credit: Stephanie Lindgren - ESL

G2 send ENCE home from IEM Cologne

NiKo paved the way for G2 who lives to fight another day.

IEM Cologne is a packed event with all the best teams in the world of CS:GO. That is the only explanation of why it is possible to have an early elimination match between ENCE and G2 in Group A. The “Group of Death” has already seen Heroic as the first casualty, but who would follow them home?

A lot of things pointed at G2 after the first eight rounds on Dust2. ENCE came out blazing and left G2 in despair. Behind 8-0 the unlikely comeback started with in-game leader Aleksib, who quickly got his star player NiKo activated alongside his cousin huNter. The two Bosnians helped G2 win six rounds in the first half despite the ugly start to the match. And after the break, the comeback was completed with G2 winning their own map pick.

On Ancient ENCE started well by winning eight rounds on their T-side, but an incredible second half from G2 saw them winning ALL T-rounds to secure the victory and survival at IEM Cologne, while ENCE is out of the tournament.

G2 will now face NIP in the lower bracket.

G2 – ENCE 2-0 | IEM Cologne

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