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Team Vitality is out of World Finals!

The two french organizations played each other in an elimination game.

G2 took on Vitality in the last Quater-Final match at BLAST World Final. The two French organizations know each other in and out and have already faced each other four times in the past six months.

The last time these two teams met was at ESL Pro League Season 16 where Vitality dominated G2 and took the victory 2-0.

This series started out on G2´s map pick Nuke were m0NESY and co. quickly found success on their T side. The mixed European team with HooXi as IGL won the first half 12-3 on the weaker T side. Vitality saw themselves lose the pistol on the T side and the game 16-3.

Next up was Vertigo. G2 held on to their momentum as they took the first pistol, but a force buy from Vitality was enough to open the defense from G2. Four rounds in and Vitality was in the lead 1-3. G2 bounced back with some important rounds won by their star rifler NiKo. However, Vitality was the team leading after the first half 6-9. Switching over to the T side made things a bit easier for G2 as they took the first seven rounds to take a 13-9 lead. Vitality then came back strong and secured overtime. An overtime that quickly ended as Team Vitality demolished G2 with four consecutive rounds to end the game 15-19.

The decider of the series ended up being Anubis, a map that neither of the team has played an official match on. Starting off best was G2 who took the first pistol and the following round. ZywOo and co. took the next seven out of eight rounds to give themself a 3-7 lead. The first half ended with an 8-7 scoreline in favor of Vitality. Despite a second half with eco wins and rounds back and forth were G2 victories 16-11.

G2 – Team Vitality 2-1 | BLAST Premier World Finals

16-3 (Nuke) | M0NESY – 2.06 Rating / 25-16 K-D / 103.1 ADR

15-19 (Vertigo) | Spinx – 1.34 Rating / 29-19 K-D / 91.6 ADR

11-16 (Anubis) | huNter – 1.27 Rating / 19-17 K-D / 101.4 ADR

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