huNter, G2

Credit: Michal Konkol, BLAST

G2 are the IEM Katowice champions

G2 took down Heroic to secure themselves the IEM Katowice trophy.

Heroic took upon G2 in the Grand final of IEM Katowice 2023.

A well-fought fight through the playoffs has now taken the world's two best teams to a grand final to seal the deal about who really is the best team on the HLTV World Ranking List.

G2 started off best as they took the first pistol round. G2 converted the following rounds to give themselves the perfect start in the Grand final. However, what looked like a great start on the less favored T side ended up being a great CT side for the Danes who took control and dominated the mixed European team. During the last 12 rounds, G2 only managed to get two more rounds under their belt. The first half of the IEM Katowice Grand final ended with a confident 10-5 lead in favor of cadiaN and co.

Switching over to the CT side G2 found early success as they once again secured themselves the pistol round and the following two. Heroic fired back on the first full buy round but with huNter- playing lights out and showcasing his full skill set Heroic stood no chance. Things got intense when G2 tied the game at 12-12. It came down to some clutch rounds for G2 who managed to keep their head cold in after-plant situations. G2 won map one 16-12.

Next up, Mirage. The Danes came out pressing the speeder as they gained themselves an 8-1 lead on the T side of Mirage. Especially cadiaN was the main man for the Heroic roster with 14 kills in just 15 rounds. Great calls and executing had Heroic looking to tie things up at 1-1 in maps. Despite an insane start to their own map pick for Heroic, G2 fought their way back to close out the half only behind 9-6.

Once again G2 crawled their way back to tie things at 10-10. Just like in game one, G2 took control and dominated the Danes securing themselves a 14-10 lead on the less favored T side. Heroic fought back but had to see G2 run away with map two 16-13 and a 2-0 lead in the Bo5 series.

Inferno came out as the third map. A map that G2 has played insanely well on during the past three months, with a 90% win rate on Inferno, Heroic had to climb a huge wall to take the series into a fourth map.

G2 started off best on the T side as they secured the pistol round. However, with only the USP in hand, Heroic managed to kill all five G2 players to bring back the momentum. Heroic turned around the momentum and gained six rounds in a row to take a 6-1 lead on the third map. But once again, G2 are not easy to get rid of. The mixed European team fought their way back to an 8-7 half in favor of Heroic. Just like all the other pistol rounds, G2 was the team to come out on top. With rounds going back and forth, Heroic found success, and things got tied up at 10-10. The Danes dominated the B side with their fast pushes and great calls from their IGL Casper "cadiaN" Møller. Heroic won map three 16-11 to take us into a fourth map.

Map four, and they are heading into Ancient. G2 secured the pistol once again after a great A site hold with the pistols. The mixed European team led by HooXi came off to a great start as they took the early lead 4-1 on the CT side. However, Heroic bounced back and tied things up 4-4. With m0NESY coming alive on the server G2 took the first half 9-6. G2 came out strong on the T side winning six out of seven rounds to secure themselves a 15-7 lead. m0NESY took the first duel in the last round and took down TeSeS to put them in a 5vs4 situation and just four kills away from being the 2023 IEM Katowice champions. G2 took round 23 and is now your 2023 IEM Katowice champion.

G2 has done it. The mixed European team lost only one map during the event.

Heroic - G2 1-3 | IEM Katowice Grand final

Nuke: Nemanja 'huNter-' Kovač - 1.41 rating / 23-18 K-D / 103.1 ADR

Mirage: Ilya 'm0NESY' Osipov - 1.22 rating / 21-14 K-D / 65.7 ADR

Inferno: René 'TeSeS' Madsen - 1.29 rating / 25-16 K-D / 82.7 ADR

Ancient: Nemanja 'huNter-' Kovač - 1.39 rating / 20-12 K-D / 91.5 ADR

MVP: Nemanja 'huNter-' Kovač - 1.23 rating / 82-64 K-D / 86.2 ADR

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