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G2 Extend With Kovač Cousins

The star duo has committed their future to G2!

Nikola "NiKo" Kovač and Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač have signed a multi-year extension with G2. The exact duration of the extension has yet to be revealed but G2 tweeted that it is for "A fuckton of years and a half".

"huNter-" was acquired by G2 in October 2019 alongside "nexa" after their massive international breakthrough on CR4ZY. During his time on G2, "huNter-" has averaged an impressive 1.13 rating over the course of 503 maps. He was named the MVP at cs_summit 5 and was also rated as the 13th best player in 2020 and the 12th best player in 2021.

After having been a part of FaZe for more than three years, the younger cousin "NiKo" was acquired by G2 in October 2020. With multiple MVPs and lots of appearances on HLTV's TOP20, this was one of the biggest signings ever. In his time for G2 "NiKo" has played a total of 279 maps with a godly average rating of 1.21.

G2 have disappointingly not won a single tournament since the addition of "Niko" so with the PGL Major Antwerp at the doorstep they will be looking to the gods for their first win.

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