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G2 close to elimination at European RMR

The newly formed 1WIN team won over G2, making them go 1-2 in the RMR.

Day 3 of the European RMR is live with matches all day. The third map of the day is between 1win and G2 who both are 1-1 in the qualifier  

Ancient was once again the map being left over in the veto. G2 came off to a good start on the CT side coming up 5-1 but then 1WIN found their way back on the T side to make it only a 9-6 half for G2. In the second half 1WIN was the team playing on the favored CT side which we also saw on the server, as they ended up winning the game 16-13 over the massive favorites from G2.

1WIN – G2 1-0 | IEM Road to Rio RMR (Group A)

16-13 (Ancient) | lollipop21k – 1.43 Rating / 26–17 K-D / 90.6 ADR

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