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Fnx to become coach and content creator for Imperial

The 32-year-old Brazilian will hope to be a part of the next major but in a different role.

Lincoln "fnx" Lau will no longer be a player on the starting line-up for Imperial as he will be coaching duties for the IEM Rio Americas RMR and the Major alone. it's still unclear if he will stay as coach after the Major. The team announced that he would remain with them as a content creator and streamer.

The move from player to coach at the RMR marks the end of fnx's six months as a player for imperial. fnx returned to Imperial to reunite with his old two-time major winning core with Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo and Fernando "fer" Alvarenga.

Who the replacement for fnx will be is still to be announced, but they will attend ESL Challenger Melbourne from September 2-4 which means Imperial needs to find their last player for their five-man roster.

With the change, the Imperial looks as follows:





fnx (coach/steamer)

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