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FaZe in economic trouble: Only able to fund itself until November

FaZe Clan is reportedly facing financial troubles, with sources revealing that the company may consider restructuring to take it private.

FaZe Clan that recently went public on NASDAQ, is facing financial challenges that may force it to restructure and potentially go private, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The company reported in its latest quarterly filling that it had only $43.9 million in cash assets, which will only be sufficient to fund its operations until November. FaZe Clan’s hopes to capitalize on the booming esports and gaming industry have been hampered by the significant decline in investment in the sector over the pay years, with many companies folding or conduction massive layoffs due to what analysts consider a market correction.

According to the Sports Business Journal, which claims to have sources close to the situation, say that FaZe Clan requires between $40 million and $60 million in funding to restructure the organization, a difficult proposition in today’s esports landscape. Despite being valuated at $1 billion when it was first established, FaZe’s market capitalization has dropped to between $30 million and $40 million, with shares currently trading at $0.53, down over 90% from its high of $24.69 in August 2022.

The prolonged period of trading below $1 may put FaZe in violation of NASDAQ compliance rules. The company has been trading under $1 for 44 consecutive days, dating to February 7.

While the esports industry is still growing, many investors have become more cautious about placing bets on companies that are heavily dependent on a few games, as those titles can quickly fall out of favor with gamers. As a result, esports organizations like FaZe are under pressure to diversify their revenue streams and develop a more sustainable business model.

FaZe have not yet issued an official statement on its financial situation or any plans to restructure or go private.

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