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Credit: Jak Howard ESL

Faze defeat a surprising c0ntact roster 2-1

The newly formed European roster c0ntact had a difficult task in front of them as they began their series against Faze.

Starting on Train, c0ntact’s map pick, it was clear that both teams had come to fight. With Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye on top of the leaderboard with 27 kills, Faze proved themselves the stronger European roster on Train and won 16-11.

The second map on Dust2 was as close as the first. This time however it was c0ntact to push for the map win. And with an “EspiranTo” on fire, they managed to defeat the giants from Faze 16-13 and force a final map to determine the victor of the series.

Many people wouldn’t have predicted the series to go all three maps, but it was clear that the underdogs from c0ntact refused to give up without a fight. Going back and forth, either of the teams refused to give an inch to their opponents. A winner wasn’t to be found in the first 30 rounds, which meant overtime. The upset from c0ntact, however, wasn't meant to be as Faze closed out overtime with a 19-16 map win and thereby a series win of 2-1.

With their win against c0ntact, Faze is set to play against the loser of Gambit – Complexity on Thursday to fight for their life at DreamHack Masters Winter 2020.

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