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FaZe Clan is the first team to secure semi-finals!

The mixed European team took down Team liquid 2-1.

The first semifinalist has been found after FaZe Clan took down the North American Team Liquid in the Upper bracket final.

Both FaZe and Liquid went for their "safe" pick as Team liquid picked Mirage doing the veto and FaZe went with Inferno.

Starting off on Team Liquid´s map pick Mirage. Liquid came out firing at FaZe as the North American team managed to take a 7-1 lead on the T side. FaZe bounced back and stopped the bleeding by giving themselves seven rounds on the CT side. The second half started with the mixed European team converting the pistol into three consecutive round wins, but Team Liquid was the stronger team in the end and managed to secure a 16-14 victory.

Next up was FaZe´s map pick Inferno. A map that both teams have looked great on throughout 2022. FaZe came out strong despite losing the first pistol round. What looked like a decent CT side from Team Liquid, ended up being a stunning T side for karrigan and co. A 4-11 lead in favor of FaZe. On the CT side, FaZe kept on being dominant as they took five out of six rounds to close out the game 5-16.

Anubis was left over as the deciding map. With high confidence and Twistzz on fire, FaZe clan took 12 rounds on the favored CT side. Switching over to the CT side made things a bit easier for the North American team. EliGE and the rest of his team played well doing the first five rounds on the CT side, but what looked like a comeback came fast to an end as Twistzz kept on playing lights out. FaZe Clan took the victory 9-16 and the series win 1-2.

Team Liquid – FaZe 1-2| BLAST Premier World Finals

16-14 (Mirage)  YEKINDAR – 1.58 Rating / 31-19 K-D / 112.1 ADR

5-16 (Inferno) |  Twistzz – 1.73 Rating / 20-10 K-D / 104.3 ADR

9-16 (Anubis) | Twistzz - 1.73 Rating / 29-14 K-D / 116.2 ADR

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