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FaZe are through to the Semi-finals!

Another great performance from "karrigan" and his troops at FaZe

By the end of today, we are left with only four teams battling for the number one spot at the ongoing $250.000 Roobet Cup 2022 event. We have already found our first two semi-finalists, and today we will find the next two. In the first Quarter-final brawl FaZe take on ENCE in a battle of the Danish IGL's. "karrigan" and his member at FaZe are shaping up as a real contender for the #1 spot in the world, however, "Snappi" and his troops at ENCE have been on fire ever since their great performance at the PGL Major in Antwerp. On paper, FaZe were the big favorites. It was also the star-studded roster of FaZe to come out on top. In just two maps, the European roster with nothing but big names in it prevailed as the stronger team. The victory against ENCE means that FaZe will be facing either Astralis or forZe in tomorrow's Semi-finals.

The first map of the Bo3-series was picked by ENCE and saw the Bo3-series kick off on Ancient. Whilst FaZe are no joke on Ancient, it is arguably one of their weakest maps and with ENCE having one of the best Ancient players on their team in "Maden", it seemed like an obvious pick from "Snappi" and his troops. Once the game got underway, however, thinks started to look bleak for ENCE. After winning the first three rounds off the back of a pistol-round victory, ENCE were completely silenced by a phenomenal FaZe defense. Only securing a single round after the initial three, ENCE had to see themselves behind at halftime at the scoreline of 11-4. Once the two rosters had switched sides, it seemed as if ENCE had finally woken up. Unfortunately for ENCE, it was all a little too late. The enormous lead from the first half, as well as a great performance from FaZe's main AWP'er "broky", meant a victory for FaZe as they secured Ancient at the scoreline of 16-10.

The second map of the Quarter-final brawl was, of course, picked by FaZe and meant a trip to Overpass. Despite being the perfect map to call for creative rotations, something that "Snappi" himself is very good at, Overpass has been ENCE's worst map as of late. In the past three months, they have only managed to win 40% of the times on Overpass (10 maps), which might very well be why "karrigan" opted for that specific map. Finally finding their groove was ENCE as they started Overpass looking like a completely different team than what we had seen over on Ancient. A phenomenal CT-sided half meant that it was ENCE's turn to go to halftime at the scoreline of 11-4. Unfortunately for ENCE, the story of a poor T-side continued on Overpass. Struggling to find ways past the rock-solid defense of "karrigan" and his troops, ENCE had to see themselves bested. At the scoreline of 16-12 on Overpass, FaZe put up yet another great performance, claimed the victory against ENCE, and earned their spot in tomorrow's Semi-finals.

FaZe - ENCE 2-0 | Roobet Cup 2022 (Quarter-finals)

16-10 (Ancient) | broky - 1.60 Rating / 27-13 K-D / 102.2 ADR

16-12 (Overpass) | broky - 1.55 Rating / 30-16 K-D / 95.6 ADR

MVP: Helvijs "broky" Saukants - 1.58 Rating / 57-29 K-D / 98.8 ADR

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