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Credit: Extra Salt

Extra Salt takes down another EU team to reach Upper Final

The North American team managed to silence the experienced Swedes from Dignitas.

Funspark ULTI - The tournament of upsets. That could be the tagline of the event, that saw another underdog victory today.

Extra Salt made it happen after two clean maps against Team Dignitas.

Having just defeated two other NA teams (Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses) on Vertigo, the Swedes picked into the map, where Extra Salt has a 100% win rate. This did not change today. Josh 'oSee' Ohm and the rest of the Extra Salt roster shut down the T-side from Dignitas in a very convincing first half. The 11-4 lead was too much for Dignitas to recover from in the second half. Extra Salt took Vertigo 16-9.

Train started similarly. This time it was Extra Salt's offense that created huge problems for the Swedes. Dignitas lacked the firepower from their young player Ludvig 'HEAP' Alonso, who had a bad day on the office on both maps. It ended with a 16-10 win for Extra Salt, who is now ready for the Upper Final at Funspark ULTI.

Extra Salt - Team Dignitas (2-0) | Funspark ULTI Europe

16-9 (Vertigo) | oSee – 1.61 Rating / 26-14 K-D / 94.9 ADR

16-10 (Train) | oSee – 1.30 Rating / 17-14 K-D / 84.5 ADR

MVP: Josh 'oSee' Ohm| 1.45 Rating / 43-28 K-D / 89.6 ADR

Extra Salt will face forZe in the Upper Final, while Dignitas will go head to head with the winner of Virtus.pro - HAVU on Friday.

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