oSee, CSGO

Credit: Extra Salt

Pley of the Day: oSee with a stellar no-scope to win 1v3 clutch!

Extra Salt's profiled AWPer shows off his incredible talents with the powerful sniper rifle.

Josh "oSee" Ohm is without of doubt one of the most promising Counter-Strike players from North America. The 22-year-old AWper has time after time shown a glimpse of his remarkable abilities, which has prompted several rumours of him joining the NA mastodont in Team Liquid.

Today's Pley of the Day is from Extra Salt's match yesterday at Pinnacle Fal Series 3 against MOUZ NXT, where oSee managed to win a 1v3 clutch by no-scoping his last opponent before the defuse.

Watch the outstanding play right here.

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