Credit: O Plano

O PLANO ready for first Grand Final

The Brazilians made a comeback in the semi-final to qualify at DreamHack Open June NA.

It is a big night for the former MIBR roster, who will look to claim their first title under their new name.

At DreamHack Open June NA, O PLANO won 2-1 against Party Astronauts. The match was decided on Inferno, where O PLANO narrowly won 16-14 to seal their Grand Final spot.

Like O PLANO, Extra Salt also managed to reverse sweep their opponents. Against the Brazilians from paiN, Extra Salt had lost the first map on Inferno, but then went on to win on Vertigo and Ancient to qualify for the Grand Final, where $35.000 is up for grabs.

The two team will face each other at 21.00 (CEST) in a best of 5.

You can see the match here.

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