Credit: Jak Howard and BLAST Premier

es3tag delivers impressive performance as FaZe qualifies for BLAST Spring Finals

Rain´s replacement showed his class during the Copenhagen based tournament.

FaZe Clan has been on fire during the first three games of the new 2023 season. Despite es3tag coming in as a substitute for BLAST Premier Spring Groups, the mixed European roster has shown great CS throughout all three games. FaZe became the first team to qualify for the BLAST Spring Final after they took down OG with a convincing 2-0 scoreline.

Patrick "es3tag" Hansen came in as a stand-in for rain who took a break due to childbirth. Many thought that this could lead to FaZe performing at a lower level since es3tag was put on the bench by NIP in December and the Dane hasn't been performing well for NIP during the last three of the 2022 season. But with the performance that es3tag has shown throughout the tournament, the 27-year-old has been taking the CS community by storm with his impressive play and stats during the event.

es3tag averaged 1.11 Rating / 1.06 Impact / 74.9 ADR / 0.66 KPR during the three games at BLAST Spring Groups.

There is no news about es3tag returning to the active line-up for NIP in the near future. However, es3tag has shown that he can play in different lineups and still perform at a high level.

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