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Endpoint talent to miss IEM Fall due to VISA issues

The underdogs' chances at the event just got reduced even more owing to recent news about one of their profiled riflers.

The Brits from Endpoint will not be able to field Mohammad "BOROS" Malhas at the upcoming IEM Fall, the organization reveals on Twitter. The team explains that they have been unable to acquire a Visa for the Jordanian youngster in time for him to compete at the event.

In the statement, Endpoint informs that the replacement for BOROS will be their head coach, Allan Hender, who only arrived at the team last week.

- Although we have a contracted academy team to try and avoid such issues, Valve has such a strict policy in place regarding substitutions that we are left with no choice but to field our non-playing (and newly appointed) coach, Allan Hender as our 5th player, Endpoint write in their statement.

In a Reddit post five days ago, Endpoint's Community Manager said the following about Hender and his Counter-Strike levels:

- He has never been a pro player, no. (I think he's level 2 on FACEIT lol). But unless he's going to have to sub into the team - which hopefully (touch wood) he never will - it's not about whether you can do it so much as long as you can teach it, tomtom_94 wrote on Reddit.

The Reddit post

The absence of BOROS will be a huge blow for Endpoint, as the 17-year-old has been putting up some insane numbers and stats lately. In the last 30 days, BOROS has averaged a stellar 1.18 Rating and a likewise impressive 87.0 ADR. The young rifler joined the team last month in a two-year deal, transferring from NASR.

Endpoint's first match at IEM Fall will be tomorrow at 20:15 (CET), where they take on the dominant Danes from Astralis in the opening round.

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