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Video: Epic Dualies ace by BOROS on Inferno!

Are the dualies underrated in CS:GO?

Mohammad "BOROS" Malhas from Endpoint might be the next big thing in CS:GO, with the Jordanian rifler already having secured a spot at a Top 30 team in the world, despite his modest age of 17 years. The promising youngster was brought in by Endpoint at the start of August this year, and he has been firing on all cylinders so far on the British team. In the first month on Endpoint, BOROS has averaged a great 1.14 Rating / 86.3 ADR score.

In a match at Pinnacle Fall Series 1 against AGO, the 17-year-old talent decided to equip the dualies in the second pistol round on Inferno - Something, he didn't regret. Because with two pistols in his hands, BOROS dismantled the entire enemy team in a beautiful ace. The play might create a new trend where more and more pros decide to buy the dualies.

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